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Robotics fun and learning next week

The Importance of STEM Education in Australia

By 2026 2 out of 3 jobs will be automated and 75% of the remaining jobs available will be STEM based. We as educators need to change the face of student learning now, not in 2 or 5 years.  We need to equip our students with skills for their future and it needs to start as early as preschool.

Qld education is taking the lead and setting a tremendous example for the rest of Australia to follow by enabling robotics from 2016 to be mandatory in their teaching curriculum.

"Underpinning the push for robotics in schools is the belief that students must transition from being "consumers" of technology to "creators of digital solutions" to thrive in an increasingly digital, globalised world."

SMH Colleen Ricci  Nov 11 2015



Robotics 2015