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Our own Environmental Scientists

The weedy sea dragonOn June 4th the Goonengerry Gumshoes team of environmental investigators made an accurate accusation to the recent Murder Under the Microscope mystery.

The children had been using the clues given and their science skills and knowledge to solve a fictitious environmental "murder" as part of the "Murder Under the Microscope" online programme.

Children successfully discovered that the weedy sea dragon had fallen victim to rising sea temperatures that had caused its natural seaweed habitat to disappear. This had occurred at the Genoa River where there was also an effect on the local abalone industry The abalone industry had competition from an invasion of sea urchin from norterh waters, also due to the rising water temperatures.

The Goonengerry Gumshoes gave an accurate answer within a minute of the accusations line being open online.

Congratulations environmental scientists !

For a full list of the "winning" schools please go to

We look forward to being part of the team for the 2011 investigation.