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Goonengerry Implements L3 Learning


Language, Learning and Literacy

As part of our continuing efforts to improve the quality of literacy outcomes at Goonengerry Public School, Matt Squires, (K-2 teacher) has attended and continues to participate in learning about L3 .The aim of the Language, Learning and literacy (L3) project is to enhance student achievement of expected literacy levels at the end of the first year of school and to continue developing skills and strategies as students move along the learning continuum into Stage 1 (years 1 and 2).

Students in our L3 classroom participate in a range of literacy and language activities as they learn to become self-regulated and independent learners. Small group sizes ensure teaching is targeted to meet individual student needs as required.  Our K-2 classroom is an area full of rich language opportunities, problem solving, independent learning and a strong sense of personal success. The classroom accommodates diversity in teaching and learning and provides multiple pathways for students to learn how to read and write. Matt and his students become a community of learners. Together they create an environment which is aesthetic, print rich and celebrates the efforts of all its members.

Goonengerry students in L3 have a sense that learning to read and write is within their grasp. Their identified strengths are used constructively to assist their learning. They are the recipients of highly supportive teaching.

Initially literacy instruction is conducted in small groups of students with similar processing and strategic behaviours. Small group learning enables the teacher to see and hear students' responses to instruction right from the start.

Students respond to a teaching style which is supportive and interactive and is directed towards identifying student's strengths and teaching to their strengths. Assessment of teaching and learning is based on ongoing, sensitive observation rather than a prescribed and sequenced series of teaching and learning steps. Moment by moment decisions are made based on how students respond to teaching, providing a flexible, differentiated practice in order to accommodate diversity.

Ongoing professional learning continues across a two year period inside and outside the classroom. We have witnessed some amazing results since the implementation of L3 at Goonengerry and we welcome any inquires about L3 or enrolments for students in this wonderful program in 2014.

Tracey Barnes, Principal