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Innovative Learning Environments


Goonengerry kids: Forward into the Future

For future-focused learning and teaching to be effective a number of aspects of school culture need to be present.   Many of these relate to the principles of seven 'Innovative Learning Environments' outlined by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD 2015):


  1. Make learning central, encourage engagement, and be where learners come to understand themselves as learners.
  2. Ensure that learning is social and often collaborative.
  3. Be highly attuned to learners' motivations and the importance of emotions.
  4. Be acutely sensitive to individual differences including in prior knowledge.
  5. Be demanding for each learner but without excessive overload.
  6. Use assessments consistent with these aims, with strong emphasis on formative feedback.
  7. Promote horizontal connectedness across learning activities and subjects, in and out-of-school.


    Future-focused Learning Spaces support the implementation of high quality learning experiences for all students. They take into consideration student voice and allow students flexibility over how they learn. They enable collaboration through the provision of more 'free' space and furniture which can be moved and repositioned to allow for different configurations to suit different purposes, including the flexible use of technology. Future-focused learning spaces incorporate all the elements recognised as contributing positively to student learning such as temperature, light and acoustics. Student self-direction, self-reflection and evaluation is encouraged through these spaces which reflect the environments students will experience as they move into the workplace.


    This is where Goonengerry has taken on the challenge!  We have created amazing new spaces for our students to learn, and it's a huge success!!  As a school we have embraced future learning spaces.  What does that ‘look like' in our school?


    We know how important it is for students to have flexibility in how they learn.  Our students can use our new furnishings to their advantage to maximise their learning.  High/standing tables and stools, low tables with cushions for collaboration, rocker chairs for when it's really hard to sit still, swivel chairs, bean-bags and leather lounges.  With a variety of options for self-directed learning, individual differences, collaboration and innovation, Goonengerry students have it all!!

    Drop by and check us out or contact us on 02 6684 9134 for more information.


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